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FrameSpace® Art/Glass Separator
10 Shapes from 1/8 to 3/4 inch airspace



FrameSpace is made from a neutral pH plastic. It is a mechanically permanent art-glass separator that grips over the edge of the glass in picture frames to space the art away from the glass. This helps prevent mold growth, paper buckling, image transfer and adhesion to the glass. It is quick and easy to use and is easily removable to clean or replace the glass. FrameSpace is available in 10 sizes from 1/8 inch airspace up to 3/4 inch airspace and most are available in clear, black, and white. It can be used to frame photographs, watercolors, pastels, or any paper art or documents without using mats. The deeper shapes can be used to make any appropriate wood or metal frame into a shadowbox for framing objects. FrameSpace also helps prevent glass chipping in metal frames and keep the glass from shaving bits of wood, leaf, or paint from the rabbet in wood frames.

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FrameSpace Samples
  • Quick & easy - Saves time.
  • Works in both wood & metal frames.
  • Professional looking - No painting.
  • Neutral pH - No plasticizers - Won't harm art.
  • Permanent - No glues or adhesives.
  • Can't come off in the frame.
  • Protects glass from chipping in metal frames.
  • Available in clear, black, & white.
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